Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata has been one of the most vibrant cities in the Dominican Republic, located a few miles from Playa Dorada, with numerous options of accommodation, has been for many years the preferred of the wealthy classes of the Caribbean for a vacation and even for permanent residence.

Puerto Plata is an ideal place for those who are seeking a holiday with all the amenities at a price you set and about interesting places to visit.



History of Puerto Plata

On January 11, 1493 Christopher Columbus arrived in what today is known by the name of Puerto Plata Bay.

From the beginning Puerto Plata was a strategic and very important due to its port, which went all agricultural products that were obtained from the fertile lands of the north of the Dominican Republic.

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The large living Puerto Plata trade, made it ideal for pirate attacks, pirates under the protection of the enemies of Spain, which caused the citizens of Puerto Plata, to be tired of harassment from pirates, chose to market to them before risking their lives and their goods.

This provoked a strong anger by the kings of Spain, in 1605 ordering the evacuation of Puerto Plata and its surroundings to prevent settlers from trading with the enemy.

Activities / Attractions Puerto Plata

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